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Sticky post: fanfiction master list

Fanfic can most easily be found at the AO3, or by searching through tags. Other fanworks are behind the cutCollapse )

Mostly these days I hang out on tumblr at toast-the-unknowing, because someone else has been using the name "shinealightonme" since at least 2012.

Dear Spacer Letter

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted -- hope that didn't trip you up at all.

The 100 - Raven Reyes, Monty Green, Nathan Miller

Basically looking for more delinquent adventures! You can include more of the crew, these are just my three faves at the moment; if you've got a story idea that focuses more on one or two of them, that's cool too.

I absolutely ship Monty/Miller (just don't make Bryan an asshole, you can just write him off, I won't mind) and I like Raven/Clarke and Raven/Wells, too. Gen is always fine. I'm not looking for Clarke/Lexa or Clarke/Bellamy.

I don't mind angst or darkfic, but given the current state of canon I also want these guys to have at least some hope/happiness -- bittersweet endings or moments of humor and levity in a serious situation are FANTASTIC. I could also use a sweet or fluffy story here. I'd be happy with either canon-verse or AU, although given the popularity of modern day AUs in the fandom I would also love to see like, Star Trek fusion AU, or canon divergence AU, or AUs that are a little more out of left field.

You don't have to feature Raven, Miller, and Monty all as equally prominent characters if you have an idea that's focused more on one or two of them. The main thing I'd love to see is these three and the rest of the 100 delinquents interacting. I miss that season 2 vibe. I'd rather you not bash any of the characters; I think Jasper gets a raw deal from fandom, and I have complicated intricate emotions about Jaha and Murphy that even I don't understand, so please don't bash them. Or anyone. Well, okay, you can hate on Finn, that's fine.

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Natasha Romanov

Gosh, I love spies. Natasha gets cast as secondary or tertiary character in a lot of stories, though, so I'd love to see her as a lead of a story -- on Avengers business, on SHIELD business, going about whatever superspies do on their day off, etc. I love her friendship with Clint (and I'm not opposed to Clint/Natasha), and I ship Natasha/Bruce and Natasha/Sam. I'd love her hanging out with the other Marvel ladies, too: I love Pepper, Jane, Darcy, Carol Danvers, Maria Hill. Background pairings are fine, though I'm not big on Clint/Coulson or Steve/Tony.

Thinking over Avengers fanfic I really love, some common elements that crop up: Natasha being a BAMF, snarky banter, hurt/comfort, weird or eclectic villains/problems to be solved, Clint being sassy, Natasha having a terrifying sense of humor, Tony being sassy, Thor being surprisingly competent at Midgard things, JARVIS being sassy, really just everyone being sassy, "girls' night out scenarios", mysteries, role reversal (maybe Natasha has to help somebody else to be the superspy?), The Power Of Teamwork.

Not that you have to include any/all of those things! That's just what comes to mind when I think of Avengers fanfic I want to read. I singled out Natasha as my primary character but I really do love the whole ensemble, so you can include everyone. I haven't seen much of the Marvel TV shows or done a ton of comics reading (though I like Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Hawkeye), but any characters/cameos you want to include are awesome!

I actually did like Age of Ultron; you don't have to treat it as canon if you want (most of the fanfic I've read was stuff written between the two Avengers movies, so that feels like a really natural space/time to set a fanfic), just don't bash on it, please.

Star Trek: TNG - Tasha Yar

I love Tasha, so anything that would give me more of her is great -- missing scene, pre-canon, alternate universe, back from the dead, whatever. I love seeing her be bros with Riker and Worf, and hanging with Deanna. I do ship Data/Tasha, but gen is cool too.

I most want to see a Tasha-centric or Tasha-and-ensemble story because I just didn't get enough of her in the show, but I'd also like for you to include whichever others of the crew you like. You can set it during season 1, or do a fix-it fic to bring Tasha back, or just handwave like she was never gone, I will not complain.

Sci-fi tropes (alternate universes! clones! virtual reality!) are welcome, so are off-duty poker games, shore leave, trips to Earth, holodeck adventures, general slice of life stuff -- how do the characters function and interact outside of the Enterprise situations we see them in all the time? AUs are also welcome.

Festivids 2015 Reveal Post

This year for Festivids I made TWO fanvids, holy crap, it's like I'm a productive human being or something.

My assignment vid was Pirate in the Water, for fiercynn, who wanted a fanvid for Isabella from Galavant. Thanks to Entwashian for suggesting Santigold when I couldn't figure out a song to use.

video embedded withinCollapse )

I also made a treat vid, Anthem for the Already Defeated, because I watched Over the Garden Wall about five times in a two month period and discovered this song on Spotify and it felt like it had to be done.

another video embedded withinCollapse )

Dear Yulegoat

Dear Yulegoat,

Huzzah for Yuletide, and thank you for writing me a story! I have a tendency to go a little out of control writing optional details and sharing my feelings about canon and what not, so please do not feel like you have to pay too much attention to any of the below. I'm psyched to get a story in one of these fandoms that you feel passionate about, is the main thing! But if you like lots and lots of details, whoo boy is the letter for you.

details for Mean Girls, Check Please!, Lumberjanes, and Dublin Murder SquadCollapse )

Dear Festividder

Hello Festividder! Thanks for signing up to vid one of my awesome fandoms this year. I know you're going to make me something great, because clearly you have great taste in TV and can do no wrong, and I can't wait to see it :D

details below, below, belowCollapse )

Not Prime Time letter

So I have a bit of a tradition of writing overly long prompts/letters for fic exchanges (which I suspect of causing one of my Yuletide writers to drop out, oops) and apparently the fact that it's been like a year and a half since I did one has not made me a wiser or more restrained person. I continue on with this letter, undeterred.

Dear Prime Time Player, please bring me a pony and a tiara and world peaceCollapse )
Title: Rama Llama Llama
Fandom: Emperor's New Groove
Music: We Go Together, from the Grease Motion Picture Soundtrack
Summary: Yzma and Kronk. By all accounts, it doesn't make sense.
Vidder's Note: Made for kaydeefalls for Festivids 2014.

embed and download behind the cutCollapse )
Title: Wendy Battles the Pink Robots
Fandom: The Middleman
Music: The Flaming Lips
Summary: Yo, Wendy Watson, we wrote you a love song.
Vidder's Note: made for Aris Merquoni for festivids 2013.

embed and download below the cutCollapse )

festivids 2013

Yuletide 2013

Dear Yulegoat,
Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm excited that you share one of my fandoms and can't wait to see what you do with the place. My prompts were on the wordier side, I think, but here are some general likes and what not in case your muse would like some suggestions.

more detailsCollapse )


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