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Sticky post: fanfiction master list

Fanfic can most easily be found at the AO3, or by searching through tags. Other fanworks are :


Castle: Bad Reputation
Criminal Minds: Coming Down Fast
Psych/Castle: On the Popularity of Alternative Investigative Techniques, or, "Detectives"
Stargate Universe: How Far We've Come
Warehouse 13: One Week
The Sarah Jane Adventures: I Will Survive
Inception: Gravity
Warehouse 13: OMG
Doctor Who: Just Like Heaven

Other Fannish Pursuits:

Doctor Who fanart: Daleks' Day Off
Warehouse 13 Picspam
Star Trek XI Picspam: Do They Still Have Sandwiches in the Future?
Doctor Who Fanmix: Better With Two

Mostly these days I hang out on tumblr at toast-the-unknowing, because someone else has been using the name "shinealightonme" since at least 2012.