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Sticky post: fanfiction master list

Fanfic can most easily be found at the AO3, or by searching through tags. Other fanworks are behind the cutCollapse )

Mostly these days I hang out on tumblr at toast-the-unknowing, because someone else has been using the name "shinealightonme" since at least 2012.

Dear Yulegoat

Hello, dear Yuletide writer! I'm so happy that you are going to be writing me a fic for one of my fandoms. I have some of my likes/dislikes below and some more thoughts about each canon and possible prompts, but if you already have an idea you want to write do not fear, I will be happy to read anything with these characters! Seriously, I always write way too much detail in these things, don't let it overwhelm you or think that you HAVE to write a certain thing, mostly I write so much because I want you to have lots of options and feel very free.

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Festivids 2015 Reveal Post

This year for Festivids I made TWO fanvids, holy crap, it's like I'm a productive human being or something.

My assignment vid was Pirate in the Water, for fiercynn, who wanted a fanvid for Isabella from Galavant. Thanks to Entwashian for suggesting Santigold when I couldn't figure out a song to use.

video embedded withinCollapse )

I also made a treat vid, Anthem for the Already Defeated, because I watched Over the Garden Wall about five times in a two month period and discovered this song on Spotify and it felt like it had to be done.

another video embedded withinCollapse )
Title: Rama Llama Llama
Fandom: Emperor's New Groove
Music: We Go Together, from the Grease Motion Picture Soundtrack
Summary: Yzma and Kronk. By all accounts, it doesn't make sense.
Vidder's Note: Made for kaydeefalls for Festivids 2014.

embed and download behind the cutCollapse )
Title: Wendy Battles the Pink Robots
Fandom: The Middleman
Music: The Flaming Lips
Summary: Yo, Wendy Watson, we wrote you a love song.
Vidder's Note: made for Aris Merquoni for festivids 2013.

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Fic: The Year of the Rapture (1/6)

Title: The Year of the Rapture
Fandom: Leverage
Characters/Pairings: Eliot and Parker centric, gen
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language
Word Count: ~48,000
Summary: When half the world's population suddenly develops superpowers, civilization as we know it collapses. Eliot just wants to keep Parker alive, but the apocalypse is one damn thing after another.
Author's Note: written for apocalypsebang; inspired by a prompt from apocalyptothon 2011. Characterization and a few minor plot points set this as being circa the second season of the show, but canon compliance is largely rendered moot by the part where the world ends and people have superpowers.
Artwork by the amazing firefly1344 can be found here.

The Year of the Rapture, Part 1Collapse )